The most frustrating thing about streaming is buffering. We’ve all experienced it, usually at the worst possible time. You’re at a climactic scene, and all of a sudden, it starts to buffer.

Buffering can typically be caused by the stream, your connection, or the media link to the stream.

There are some things that you can do to limit the amount of buffering you encounter:

Try Multiple streams

Sometimes the source link has a flaw or has errors, and the stream itself can sometimes cause buffering. To eliminate this as the cause of the buffering, try a couple of different streams. Of course, we all want the 1080 HD stream, but sometimes it can help if you choose a lower quality version of the stream like the 720 streams. This can eliminate buffering, especially with slower Internet speeds.

Reset your Modem and Router

A router can experience congestion, and this standard procedure can help ensure your home network is always running at optimal speeds.

  • Unplug the electrical source from your Modem and Router.
  • Make sure there are no lights illuminated on either device. If there are, you may have to remove a battery on your device.
  • Wait 5 minutes for your devices to cool down.
  • Plugin the modem first and wait 30 seconds.
  • Plugin the router next and wait 30 seconds.
  • Open a window on one of your devices to make sure you’re connected.
  • Reboot your Element box and Enjoy!

Wi-Fi Extender/Repeater

Your wireless router should be less than 17 feet from the TV box with no doors, floors, or walls in the way. If you cannot change this, look into getting a wireless repeater to help improve the Wi-Fi in your home. Never have the wireless router above the TV Box. (the media box in the basement and the router upstairs) You can get these at

Powerline Network

A Powerline Networks are small electronic devices that allow you to use the existing electrical wiring in your home to an Ethernet line. The signal tends to be faster and more reliable than a Wi-Fi Extender. You can get these at

Increase your Internet Speed

This can go a long way in decreasing the amount of buffering you encounter. We recommend at least 10 Mbps speed for streaming in the best quality. However, it can’t hurt to have more than that. Many things can affect your Internet speed, especially if you’re using a Wi-Fi connection. Check with your provider to make sure you are getting the speeds for which you are paying.

Use additional services.

Services like Real Debrid have become very popular among Kodi users for a good reason. They provide reliable, quality streams that buffer much less than regular streams. It costs about only $13 for three months of access to their unrestricted links. Think of it like this; most people use free links in Kodi to watch movies. The host server can restrict access, speed, and availability of the films at any time for any reason. An unrestricted downloader allows you to download instantly at the best of your internet speed any files available on download platforms such as Kodi and many others without any restrictions!