Logos of apps you can install nb a new 
Android box

People often ask if they should upgrade your current MXQ Pro box.  My answer is yes.  Especially when you look at old boxes having just 1 GB of ROM and 8 GB of RAM.

Many of the new applications, including KODI, are so big now that you need the extra room to run them efficiently.  When you look at a 1 GB android box and the generated heat from swapping information and instructions internally between ROM and RAM, much like a PC does when it’s short of memory.  With a 2 GB box, there is less of the need to swap data, making them cooler to run and more efficient.  The 16 GB of storage allows you to download and install more applications, store more videos and music.

Another factor to think about is the cost of the new box.  With the availability of low-cost Android boxes from China, the cost in the new box is insignificant to the performance in comparison.  When you think about it, a new box may cost less than 70 dollars.  As shown in this website, the X96 Mini fits both the memory requirement and the price well.  Is box also has a newly designed CPU outperform many older generation boxes?  This box evening supports airplay, so they can watch a movie on the Android phone with them and use your data for streaming.

I charge $40 to reset and stall the software listed here. When ordering a box, please be aware that I am unable to ship boxes with any customization. the boxes are shipped with factory settings and software.

So, but before you spend money having your old MXQ Pro Android box renewed or refresh consider taking them the new box, you may save their money and get better perform.